Sell Gift vouchers online (Powered by Stripe)

Announcing Gift vouchers

Sell gift vouchers online and unlock a new revenue stream with Stripe and Splose. Your clients can now purchase gift vouchers online, add a personal message and send it a friend.

Beautifully designed vouchers

Select from a range visually beautiful gift voucher designs or upload your own design and select an accent colour. You have the flexibility to make gift vouchers match the look and feel of your brand.

Share your gift voucher page

Add your gift voucher link to a website button and share it on social media pages for your clients to purchase.

Accept payments online

Gift vouchers are powered by Stripe allowing your clients to conveniently purchase gift vouchers online using a credit card. One payment is received, an invoice will be automatically created and marked as paid in Splose.

Syncs with Xero

If Xero is connected, you can assign a liability account from your Xero chart of accounts. Upon payment, invoices and payment will be synced to Xero. All you have to do is reconcile when the Stripe payout lands in your account.

Redeem vouchers

Redeeming is simple. Your clients must provide you with their unique redemption code upon payment. Once an invoice is created, you can click 'Pay with gift voucher' and search for the gift voucher redemption code.

View the Gift voucher set up guide to get started!

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