Add appointment buffers for cleaning, payments and rest time

Introducing Appointment buffers

You can now add a buffer to appointments to allow extra time for things like processing payment, cleaning and taking a break. You can apply a buffer period (in minutes) before and/or after an appointment.

Edit the buffer in service settings

Start by going to Settings, and then Services. Find the service you want to add a buffer to and click Edit under Actions.

Add a buffer

Scroll to the buffer settings and add a buffer before and/or after and click Save.

Buffers in your scheudle

Now, when clients book online, the buffer will automatically be added to the appointment! If you or a team member schedules an appointment, the buffer will also be displayed on your calendar. If you try to book an appointment from your calendar during a buffer time, a notice will be displayed informing that you are not available at that time.

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