Life at Australasia’s largest community of startups

Splose started with a mission and big idea to build the world’s most delightful allied health software. We’ve turned that idea and vision into something real.

Splose started as a side project that the Founder and first employee worked on from their bedrooms while they developed websites and software for others (their paying job). Fast forward two years and we are a team of seven, completely dedicated to building our practice management software at Stone & Chalk: Australasia’s largest innovation hub for emerging technology companies.

In a world where 90% of startups fail, Stone & Chalk has a proven track record of 80% success for residents and have helped startups raise over half a billion dollars! Splose was one of 30 companies to be selected as the founding cohort of startups at Stone & Chalk Adelaide in the world-class development Lot Fourteen: a $551 million redevelopment of the Old Royal Adelaide Hospital site (More than 250 companies applied!).

Giving-back and paying it forward is a philosophy Stone & Chalk residents live by, with residents and guest experts frequently run workshops and events to help others with everything from user-testing to capital raising. With access to customers, capital and support, Splose has been able to expand quickly to allied teams across Australia.

The Stone & Chalk community have helped us evolve as a company and as people, which is why we want to pay it forward and support allied health teams as much as we can.

Despite being a startup, we continue to invest in our products and customer support to ensure that we always deliver value that you can see and feel.

Our goal has and always will be to ship products that are so amazing and valuable that you can't even imagine going back to the old way of doing things.

We are passionate about building tools that solve real-life problems and deliver extraordinary value to our customers.

With Splose, allied health team can focus on caring for clients instead of getting bogged down with admin and compliance.

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